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Multifunction Running Sports Pack


Check out this hands-free solution for hikers, joggers, walkers, cyclists, and anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors! The Multifunctional Running Sports Pack measures 40*10cm and is designed to keep your phone, money, keys, and other small belongings safe and dry. A convenient headset hole in the pack lets you plug your earbuds into your phone for easy access to your music while on the run, while the adjustable strap keeps the fanny pack comfortable and snug. Constructed from comfortable, fast drying, ultra absorbent fabric, the Running Sports Pack won't chafe against skin and is ideal for all-day wear.

The Multifunction Running Sports Pack is available in the following colors and fabric styles:

* rose red honeycomb
* green honeycomb
* Black+red honeycomb
* blue honeycomb
* black+gray net

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